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Dr M. J. Wesley

" I have no words to thank Crack Medicine family. I was perplexed and broken with various things as dates were approaching for part 1. I first happened to click on sir's revision classes on YouTube. I would honestly say he is the best teacher for MRCP I ever came across, each and every classes of him helped me to revise and retain everything. I love his question based approach, his calm and cool way of handling things. He is really God's blessing for students like me. Moreover, I had a rough time the evening before examination starting with hotel receptionists to the travel I had to go through before the night of the exams, the same night sir uploaded a very short video clip on YouTube for exam going students it was absolutely inspiring and instilled courage and confidence to face the exam. I cleared with 621 marks. I would not have made it without crack medicine family. Thanks a lot once again for Sir's noble efforts and crack medicine team as a whole. "

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